When It’s Time to Jump Ship Into Entrepreneurship

When was the last time you were happy working in your routine 9-5 jobs? In a recent survey of nearly 8,000 workers in the United State, nearly 53% of Americans are either dissatisfied or actively don’t enjoy their jobs. If you are like nearly of the 53% of Americans who feel this way, it may be time to consider a career change—entrepreneurship! If you are contemplating the big jump, consider the following as why making the jump of entrepreneurship may be the right move for you especially if you are not happy with your current job:


You Do Not Feel Respected: Do you ever feel that you are just another number or production worker? If you do not feel like a valued collaborator on your team, it may be time for a jump.

You Don’t Have The Right Tools: If your employer fails to keep you in the standard by providing proper training, or accessible tools that are necessary for your job function, it may be time for a jump.

You Have No Visibility Into The Future: Are you constantly worried about the future of your current job? It may be time for a jump.

You Are Underpaid: Yes its true that you should get what you’re worth, but the truth still remains that many Americans are still underpaid. African-American men and women are amongst the minorities that are underpaid in corporate America. If you are like most minorities and feel underpaid, it may be time for a jump.

You Have To Watch Your Every Move: Being micromanaged is not a great work environment to work in.  If you ever feel pressure to get your daily tasks complete, it may be time for a jump.


Jumping ship into entrepreneurship is no overnight task, however it’s a task that many entrepreneurs who have made the jump into don’t regret their decision.

“I worked for a company for over 17-years and I felt overworked, undervalued and underpaid. The day I decided to go into business for myself was the best decision I could have ever made.” Chicago based entrepreneur Patrice Stokely said who started her own record label.

A piece of advice Stokely suggests is ensuring that you have at least a years worth of savings saved up to ensure vital bills are covered for at least a year.

If you have been contemplating for a while about jumping ship into entrepreneurship, it may be time to make a move! Also, consider working with a mentor or a reputable brand blueprint company such as The Merit Group to help take your business idea to the next level.

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