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“It’s my pleasure to write this recommendation for The Merit Group LLC. They are intelligent, energetic, and focused entrepreneurs, and consummate professionals who truly care about making a positive impact on everyone they meet. They bring value, integrity, and desire to succeed to every project and every person they encounter.”

Jeff Hoffman
Co-founder of, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Global Mentor, Film and Music Producer

The Merit Group has been an essential part of the team. They have the ability to gain valuable outside perspective on how our company needs to function to produce a new and innovative framework. They outline the clear steps to make the improvements. They helped us to see the “big picture” that optimized our efforts and maximized our time. The Merit Group brings focus, clarity, savvy and results.

Gabrielle Luoma

Market Research

What is the key to Audience Penetration? Audience Adaptation. Our team lives and breathes strategic branding and market research. Why? Because we have found that the key to turning followers to clients, is to understand and influence your audience. The Merit Group, our goal is to strategically place you in front of and connect you to your audience with The Merit Brand Blueprint.

Our custom Market Research Solutions will ensure you reach the right audience, send an impactful message and deliver sustainable results that will help continue to build your brand and business. While market research is an important aspect of any successful business, not everyone knows where to start! Our team of go-getters will do the legwork to help you fully understand
your audience and the best methods for penetration.

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