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The Merit Group LLC (TMG) is an innovative and creative MBE/WBE business and brand development company known for its impeccable results! TMG has established a reputation for staying on the edge of business innovation and strategy offering our clients a wide range of business and brand solutions that increase our clients value, bring clarity and expand their revenue streams resulting in ingenious results!

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Our Geniuses are experts in business development and brand strategy. With over 30 years of combined business and brand experience, our diverse team of both seasoned entrepreneurs and youthful – insanely skilled and talented Millennials is the perfect recipe for your success.

Our Merit Business and Brand Blueprints™ are our secret sauce. Our Merit Business Blueprint™ will revolutionize your business current strategy. The Merit Group has four distinct ingenious departments that work in synergy and holistically to ensure you see ingenious results. Our goal – that you build or innovate a sustainable, scalable, and profitable business-brand.

The Merit Group is part of the founding board of the Indiana Black Chamber of Commerce, partnered to create the YDI (Youth Development Initiative) for the Community Affairs Branch of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, partnered to create the Minority Success and Growth Track for the city of Indianapolis, partnered with Glenn Bill the creator of the National Day of Attitude Movement, partnered with Damar Services to build the DNA Business Partnership Program, serves on the Minority Council for the Indianapolis Zoo, and has long-term contracts with Indiana International Airport as well as the Indiana Department of Transportation (IDOT).

Our Ingenious Goal for Your Project


The Merit Group through our Merit Business and Brand Blueprints ™ will give your idea or company a clear message, distinct value, and a competitive edge. If you are starting a new company the, Merit Business Blueprint ™, empowers you to play an active role in development while ensuring you understand the process.

Our Merit Brand Blueprint ™ illuminates your brands value, clarity, image, identity, promise, aesthetics ensuring that your “right” audience understanding your message producing your distinct brand promise and increasing brand value – bottom-line… awareness, trust and dollars.


The Merit Group applies creativity to everything we do. Our team of Little Geniuses are amazingly gifted, talented, passionate, and resourceful. We are dedicated to your process and success!

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“It’s my pleasure to write this recommendation for The Merit Group LLC. They are intelligent, energetic, and focused entrepreneurs, and consummate professionals who truly care about making a positive impact on everyone they meet. They bring value, integrity, and desire to succeed to every project and every person they encounter.”

Jeff Hoffman
Co-founder of, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Global Mentor, Film and Music Producer

The Merit Group has been an essential part of the team. They have the ability to gain valuable outside perspective on how our company needs to function to produce a new and innovative framework. They outline the clear steps to make the improvements. They helped us to see the “big picture” that optimized our efforts and maximized our time. The Merit Group brings focus, clarity, savvy and results.

Gabrielle Luoma

Trust + Value + Loyalty = Our Ingenious Partnership. Let’s Get Started.