Are you a Leader Worth Following?

Are you a leader worth following?  Wow, is that a deep question or what?  If your knee-jerk answer was yes I am a leader worth following like I was certainly inclined to do, and you were ready to move forward with what life hands you, then I wish you good luck.  However, if you took more than 15 seconds to ponder this very question by digging deeper into your personal attributes as a leader, then you are on the right path to increasing your leadership stature.

First, I think I should explain how and where it came to me.  The where is the easiest to describe.  I repurposed a business/pleasure trip to Colorado and found myself on a Sunday morning venturing to a tiny owner-op coffee shop in the midst of the Rocky Mountains to address a mild case of writers block.  The writing is the easy part the idea generation is the challenge.  As I sit here pondering what the topic of this week’s blog would be, I look around at the traditional décor of thousands of owner-op coffee shops which is the sarcastic and humorous laden pictures that cover nearly every square inch of wall. From the one that declares a perfect life if sweatpants were considered sexy to the one stating a level of happiness that exceeded a camels happiness on hump day.  Was it the sarcasm, the thin air, or simply a reflection of life that brought this question to the surface?   It was truly none of the above, but rather from people watching.  Watching the three ladies identified with a common purpose by their matching red shirts and black pants, the gentleman leading the follow-up discussion of the Sunday church service and the couple that rode in on their bikes that were planning their road trip for the day.  It brought to my mind, what makes each of these people leaders to the individuals that are accompanying them?  I eventually came to three conclusions.

The first conclusion was PASSION.  Each leader was passionate about their purpose.  Forcing myself to only minimal eaves dropping on their conversations, it became evident that each of the leaders was, in fact, passionate about their independent discussions.  Passion is exemplified by many outward qualities:  keeping commitments, developing human potential, and accepting responsibility.

Next, my observations deduced that HONESTY was another quality each of these leaders portrayed.  Not the honesty that is meant by speaking the truth, certainly I had no way of knowing whether each leader was telling the truth, but what I could determine is that the leaders portrayed honesty in their purpose which was translated to their participants.  Paired with honesty are the abilities to be teachable and unquestionably a strong work ethic.  None of these people were forced to lead the groups of people that were in their presence much like we are forced to pay taxes, yet they chose to lead them with a passion for the honesty of their cause and their willingness to be a continual learner.

Finally and likely the most critical observation of all is that not only did they seem to possess expert knowledge, but they also LEAD BY DOING.  The three ladies were lead by one of them in particular.  She provided guidance from personal experience. The gentleman leading the church discussion opened his bible, read the scripture, then further explained its meaning to the rest of the table.  The biking couple each took leadership roles in that one of them seemed to have more biking experience while the other had a deeper pedagogy of the mountainous area.  The dynamic of the bikers demonstrated a shared leadership responsibility with each one of them demonstrating a leadership role as well as the role of the participant.  In all of these examples, the participants asked questions, acknowledged understanding, and the leader provided the expertise from personal experience/commitment.  When leaders LEAD BY DOING they demonstrate competence, which overwhelmingly produces confidence and support in those they lead.

Although I highly recommend the coffee shop in the midst of the Rocky Mountains, you can observe leaders wherever you find yourself.  Take the time to observe other leaders and more importantly reflect on YOUR leadership.  Ask yourself; Am I still PASSIONATE about leading people and my business? Am I HONEST with those people and projects I lead?, and Am I LEADING BY DOING?

When you are ready to strategically develop your leadership with PASSION, HONESTY, And LEADERSHIP BY DOING, we are eager to team together with you to get the results you desire.  Visit our website at or call 317-805-4896 today!

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