How Strong Is Your Brand?

So you’re a business owner, you have your business plan together, a website ready to launch and business cards ready to be passed out. But is your brand strong?

Your brand and brand message is the ultimate success of your business and without a good strong brand; your brand may not survive.  Constructing a profitable and sustainable brand takes patience and in many cases—trial and error.

The number one way to ensure a strong brand is by its reputation both on and offline. If your business were a catering company, it would be a wise decision to start an online blog to display recipes, current happenings with your business and client reviews. By doing so, you are establishing your brand reputation.

Other components to claim your brand’s identity to ensure it’s a strong brand includes the following:

Personality: What is the personality of your brand? Is your brand more of a corporate feel or does it have a modern twist?

Culture: Who does your brand service? Millennials? Baby-Boomers?

Reflection: When others think of your brand what comes to their mind?

Self-Image: What image does your brand give off? Is it a risqué image or fun image?

Relationship: What kind of relationship does your brand reflect? Does your brand show a personable relationship or a distant one?

Physique: What is the most recognizable thing about your brand? Is it your logo? Your website?

After identifying the above mentioned, the next thing on your to-do list to ensure a strong brand is creating a SWOT analysis to see exactly where you fit in your target market and how to successfully place your brand message in front of your target.

A brand is more than just a website, business cards and a business plan. Yes, a good strong brand is a combination of all the mentioned, but its also meeting your target audience in the marketplace and communicating to them that will eventually get you lead way.




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