Executive Coaching

For Growing Leaders & Executives

Our Executive Coaching program is a key component to your continued growth in your business, professionals and ultimately your life balance. We know that business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals can become so inundated with working, running a business, that they forfeit working on their business and career. We also know that the emerging entrepreneur needs a strategy for successfully transitioning from an employee mindset to the multifaceted mindset of a business owner.

We partner with our clients to help them work through complex and unclear issues, allowing those decision-makers to establish initiatives that are clear, defined, and simple. Our program offers one on one as well as group coaching sessions.

We have listed below some of our focus areas:

  • Clarifying your personal and professional goals and staying focused on key actions to achieve them.
  • Illuminating your leadership strengths, improvement areas, and performance opportunities.
  • Clarifying personal mission, vision, values, and goals.
  • Time and self-management with priorities, and work, to eliminate less important activities.
  • Professional and leadership development.
  • Preparing you for small business.
  • Helping you manage a small business.
  • Uncovering blocks and creating an action plan for success.
  • Achieving personal and business goals.
  • Organization and structure.
  • Personal empowerment.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to achieve desired goals.
  • Team and group synergy.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Team and peer mediation.
  • SWOT Analysis.
  • Mission and Vision Clarity
  • Center’s of Influence
  • Personal brand image.
  • Self-validation.

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“It’s my pleasure to write this recommendation for The Merit Group LLC. They are intelligent, energetic, and focused entrepreneurs, and consummate professionals who truly care about making a positive impact on everyone they meet. They bring value, integrity, and desire to succeed to every project and every person they encounter.”

Jeff Hoffman
Co-founder of Priceline.com, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Global Mentor, Film and Music Producer

The Merit Group has been an essential part of the team. They have the ability to gain valuable outside perspective on how our company needs to function to produce a new and innovative framework. They outline the clear steps to make the improvements. They helped us to see the “big picture” that optimized our efforts and maximized our time. The Merit Group brings focus, clarity, savvy and results.

Gabrielle Luoma