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Last week we discussed 5 important tips to interpersonal success that will reflect positively on your business! Well, this week we are wrapping up our Success blog with the remaining 5 steps that will give help you solve some issues you may be torn on. 

The final 5 tips that are essential for change and growth!

  1. Never Be Too Good to Learn: No matter who you are, there is always room for improvement. Just because a company is smaller than yours doesn’t seem as successful, do not take them for granted or be so quick to write them off. Some companies make 8-11 million dollars a year and are ran from their homes or even a studio-sized office. It is not about the size of the company it is about what they offer. Everyone brings something to the table that can be potentially beneficial for everyone.                                                                                                                 
  2. Don’t Be A Worry Bug: As a new business owner and entrepreneur it is completely understandable to be worried about decisions that could lead to growth within the company due to the fact, there is a risk. Assess your situation and make decisions within the best of the company, but what you do not want to do is miss your opportunity. Do not spend so much time analyzing the possible outcome of your situation to the point you completely miss your chance. Be smart, move hastily, and be rational.
  3. Stop Comparing Yourself: One of the worst possible things you could do is to compare yourself and/or your company to a competitor or to anything rather. You are exactly who you have been created to be. God did not make a mistake by creating you with the character you are. It is the character and the person you are that allows you to run your company the way that you do. When you see a competitor or anyone else that may be slightly more successful than you, view it as motivation. Motivate yourself to grow and to surpass your competitor with humility.

  4. Be Humble: Did you know that the owner of Papa John’s pizza makes yearly visits to almost all of his franchise company’s worldwide? Yes, it’s true! He visits and helps around the shop as if he is a normal working employee. A multi-millionaire! That is a true leader. One that will stoop down for the sake of the company whenever need be or even just to show his employee’s that they are not for granted. Never buy into the belief that you are somehow better than your employee’s because your growth has sky-rocketed! Every single employee is needed to make your company grow. Every single employee is a piece that fits perfectly into your company’s big picture. Don’t ever be afraid to show a little humility.

  5. Simply Be Happy Doing What You Do! You know what the best part is about owning your own company? The fact that YOU OWN IT! The fact that you get to pick your career allows you the opportunity to pick something you love! If you find yourself working for yourself and still being unhappy then it is time to stop, sit down, and begin to seriously get down to the root of what needs to change. Your happiness is essential to the success of your company! If you don’t  love what you do every day how can you expect it to grow, you aren’t putting any life into it.

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