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Sometimes we begin to feel as though success is so far away that trying to reach it seems impossible. Listen. SUCCESS IS INEVITABLE. Anyone can reach success. It is all about process, in which there is a process to everything. Reaching success does not happen overnight and it requires motivation, strength, and determination to persevere. Along with success comes obstacles and challenges, I can guarantee you that. I cannot guarantee you the obstacles you will face, but I can help you prevent the obstacles you might cause. Let’s stop those unhealthy tendencies we all have now, making our goal of success a bit easier to obtain! I have found 12, let’s get started!

12 unhealthy habits that are pivotal to change!

  1. Timing: Why rush? Timing is everything! Think of your new found business like a Thanksgiving turkey. Your business needs time to perfectly cook. If you rush and turn the heat up on your business your appearance might look perfect, but the office might be falling apart. Don’t rush success! Let it takes its course. Now you can always give it a bit of a push, just be sure not to turn an inch into a mile.
  2. Perfection, Perfection, Perfection. I know we have all heard the phrase, “Nothing is perfect” and believe me… it’s true! When I first started this company, it was shaky and difficult getting it on its legs! When your first begin your company you cannot expect for everything to be perfect. You are trying to find what fits your company and what works best: which means sometimes things will end up the exact opposite of perfect. But that’s okay! Shake it, restore it, and move on!

  3. Stick to your guns! Listen. You do not need the approval of anyone to run your company the way you want to. That is the entire purpose of starting your own company so that you don’t have an overseer and a boss telling you the dos and don’ts, you create them! You sign everybody’s fat check at the end of the night and you worked those long hours to get your company where it is! Only approval you need is the peace in your heart. Now on the other hand, it may be wise to seek advice from a professional if need be. If you find yourself in a risky situation then it is better to be safe than sorry. Second opinions are good, but approval is irrelevant.

  4. Good Ol’ C.E.O. stubbornness. Let’s be honest here, the majority of us C.E.O.’s are type A personality based, which is what makes us so proficient. But sometimes it can be a hindrance. I see 2 types of stubbornness here. Sometimes we don’t want to let go, and sometimes we don’t want to let in. First off, everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we have to push ourselves to let go of partnerships, employees, sponsors, etc., as we see fit for our company. Don’t get too attached to anything or anyone within the business world. Business is subject to change. Since business is subject to change, it may bring upon new business. Don’t be so quick to deny new business. Do your research and apply change where your company needs it the most.

  5. Own it. It doesn’t matter if you are president of the United States or a public figure, we all make mistakes! What is most important is that you own up to your mistakes and take your discipline rightfully. As C.E.O. of your company, it is your job to set an example for your team and show them how it’s done. If they can see that the Big Kahuna can step up to the plate then they will begin to feel as though they can do the same. Creating responsibility and ownership within our employee’s. That is the ultimate goal.

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